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Essay on My Family: My Father

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As I long I will be alive, my father would stay in my heart and thoughts. Every time I see my face, I can see some of his physical features through the mirror. He not only is my biologic father, but also my inspiration in my life. He constantly inspires me to put efforts in my impossible dreams. In return, I want to prove him myself and how capable I can be. With his personality, his role, and his unquestionable generosity, my father is a man who influences me the most. My father’s personality is not extraordinary or amazing, on the other hand, one of the simplest one I ever know. You don’t have to be fantastic like a superhero to be recognized by the ones you love. With my dad’s outgoing attitude, you would be surprise that a middle…show more content…

However, my father would stay strong during crucial times at work for his family and himself. My father is a man of respect. I admire him as his first and oldest daughter. No matter how mad or silly my sisters and I would get, he would be the peacemaker in the family. Let’s say that my sisters and I like to have fun at home. We have so much fun that we end up to be incredibly loud. Anyway, my dad can’t stand us laughing out loud and acting like savages at all. He would just break us apart to stop our noisy silliness. Sometimes I think my dad is over-protective. I think this way because when my grand-father died. He couldn’t tell me straight in the face. He didn’t know how I would react with the bad news. So, my mother told me the horrible news. Maybe he didn’t want to tell me since he would admit that my grand-pa died.
What I truly believe is that his desire toward his children is to appreciate somebody for what they are and not their possessions or status. Just to think about the idea, it is unimaginable to me. I don’t know how people can support each other if they don’t enjoy themselves together. The truth is that my parents married each other due to their love not for anything’ else. I don’t think my sisters can conclude this from my parents since they’re younger than me. It feels like I am the only one who can comprehend my father’s intention. I wish my sisters

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There are two ways to approach most circumstances or two perspectives that we can easily adopt. One option is to complain and to look at most things from the "down" side. The other option is to acknowledge what we're thankful for, regardless of our momentary circumstances.

The way this letter begins is evidence to me of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Apostle Paul's life. He opens this letter by expressing thanks. Please keep in mind where Paul was writing this letter from. He was in prison, most likely in Rome. He didn't have the privileges a man has when he's free. He couldn't just take a stroll down the block. He wasn't free to go visit friends, walk to the market, or spend time sitting on the shore appreciating the beautiful view. He was a prisoner who had become familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of wearing chains, being stared at by guards, and being locked in a room. Yet in all of this, Paul was thankful.

What brought his heart thanks in the midst of his unpleasant circumstances? For starters, Paul was thankful for the times when the Lord would bring the Philippian church to his mind. As Paul would let his mind think about their faces, their words, and the time they spent together, his heart was warmed and his imprisonment felt like a consequence he could live with, knowing that it was because he dared to make the gospel known that he was arrested.

Paul considered the Philippians to be more than just the fruit of his ministry, but also partners with him in ministry. They joyfully supported his work. They partnered with him in his passion to tell people about Jesus. And Paul states that he was convinced that the Lord who began a good work in them would continue working in them, strengthening them, developing their faith, developing their spiritual maturity, up until the day Jesus returns.

I can identify with the emotions Paul expresses in this passage and there have been quite a few things lately that have brought similar emotions to my mind, particularly when he speaks of his joy in having a church family that partnered with him in the spread of the gospel.

Just this week I was having a conversation with a man who serves as a pastor in a church context that has had a long-term problem with not partnering with their pastor in the work of the local church. He confessed to me that he felt very tired because he doesn't have enough help. I felt genuinely bad for him, but his words also reminded me to be grateful for my church family because so many of them partner together to teach, serve, and model the message of the gospel to others.

There's a whole army of people who help with the many aspects of our Sunday morning gathering. There are people who help with administrative tasks from home. There are people who help in very covert ways during the week. People who help with discipleship, children's ministries, missions, administrative and accounting tasks, mercy related needs, and so much more. As their pastor, I hope they know that I am truly grateful for their partnership in living out and advancing the gospel through our local church.

II. We are willing to stand together in all circumstances

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