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I highly recommend CSE for your insurance. I have been using them for the last 10 years not only for my auto insurance but also for my primary home & my rental homes. They provide great discounts for bundling all. I am writing a review because I just had a claim at one of my rental homes and they were so responsive & prompt. Great rates and great service from my agent and claims department is what makes me stay with CSE. I do not plan on switching carriers ... ever! Thank you, CSE!

Do you want to get ROBBED without a gun? Be a patron of CSE. Homeowners RUN far-away . Car owners RUN far-away. I had a tenant in my rental who vandalized my property, caused over 60k of damage. CSE sent THEIR appraiser who documented 4K of "damage". Let me elaborate on the vandalism: 4 BD/3 BA two story house; ALL doors torn off the hinges, melon sized holes throughout the house walls, All vanity and fixtures uplift or yanked off, feces in the stove, and water damage from the sink being left on. CSE seemed none of my submitted photos as vandalism, b/c it was not caused by a tool but someone's fist and or foot! Laughable!! I took this claim all the way to CA commission, and nothing. I even had CSE's corporate officer argue on the definition of vandalism. Keep in mind my property had additional coverage for these kind of issues. All in all, I had to come out of pocket for 60k+ to get my property back up to par. I'm currently searching for a new insurance company.

DO NOT GET THIS HOME OWNERS INSURANCE! THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!! I had a water leak due to a Samsung recall machine on August 30, 2017 and until this day I have not received any payment for my losses, that would mark 50 days. I have $60,000.00 worth of damages. Its funny cause they are really good to receive but not pay out. My adjuster Armando Pelayo has made it so difficult for us. I tried contacting him this whole week with numerous phone calls and emails and no luck. I have involved the insurance bureau and BBB. We have been very cooperative with him through this whole process and still it seems that he doesn't care. This is what I get for being cheap and paying for cheap insurance. I guess you get what you pay for. I had this company for four years, I thought that they would be there for us but I was wrong so I cancelled CSE and went with USAA. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO ELSEWHERE! Update 10/24/17- My adjuster Armando Pelayo is no longer with the company and never gave us notice. Now we are assigned with a new adjuster, once again I have to start all over with this claim. Today will marks 55 days of waiting! Update 11/18/17- Three adjusters and Manager (Scott Stewart) later I finally got my repair check and it was not the total of our repair cost so we have to pay out of pocket. I no longer wanted to deal with them so I settled. I had to go through the Insurance Bureau, BBB, Vice President of the company to get this done. I can't imagine how many people they do this to. I'm so disgusted and disappointed. To top it off they contracted Allied Restoration (Will) who came out to our home and had the nerve to tell us that the MAJORITY OF FRAUD CLAIMS COME FROM LAW ENFORCEMENT AND FIRE FIGHTERS. What an insult! This nightmare has caused me headaches, stress, panic attacks and two emergency room visits. Do you think I ever received an apology??!!! Nope! They don't care about you. Lesson learned, it's like that saying "You get what you pay for"...

Don't try to get in touch with them thru the phone, it keeps looping and won't connect you. I called claims and actually connected with a human but they told me there was nothing they could do for me. So it this is how they behave for billings you can just forget about claims or service. They suck big time! I am looking for another insurance company.

I couldn't believe an insurance handle claim in this manner. I had a water leak that damaged my main floor 200+sf ceiling and crown molding, the whole master bathroom were gone, and master bedroom 200 sf new hardwood were gone. Lots of drywall were removed as well. The adjuster they hired from 3rd party first came on 1/2/2018 but till Feb.12th, I got the loss estimation of $6500. The estimation had several big mistakes: 1. They treat my 200 sf new hardwood floor as Laminate flooring 2. They forgot for ceiling restoration, you need to also do crown molding and texture and paint one coat of the relative area. To restore a 200 sf ceiling with crown molding to the kitchen, their estimation is only $1200 but even a handyman will charge me $2500 for the repair. 3. They forgot one of my master closet close to bathroom were totally damaged, wall were missing, hardwood flooring were damaged, baseboard were gone as well but they only estimated $85 for laminate flooring replacement. Now I have already spent 8 hours to provide my repair cost estimation, that's double their number. Will see how long they will respond. During this periods, I called the adjuster hundred of times, they never pickup your call unless you call their 800 number and insist to wait them to text the adjuster. Total time talking are less than 5 minutes. I think I must complain to BBB for this case if I couldn't get it resolved in a week. Get rid of this insurance company if you can.

Insurance wants to pay for 1 headlight that was in the damage but wont buy 2 so the 2 headlights won't be matching and they want me to pay $250 for a headlight and $500 decidable and said there cutting off my rental that insurance is paying for and I told them I won't pick it up with 2 different light so body shop is charging fee for it sitting there and body shop said I can pay that... worse insurance I have ever dealt with.

We purchased home insurance from them for 27 years. We have never made a claim and we always paid on time. This year I get a policy renewal with $76 of "Coverage Enhancements" that I did not ask for. The information I received in the mail said if I didn't want them that I could contact my broker or them (CSE). Can you imagine going to a retail store and having them charge you for something that you didn't want or ask for and have them tell you that it was up to you to bring it back? I called my broker and it was right before the holidays and he wasn't in. Fair enough, so I called them. I wanted to make an adjustment to these "Enhancements". I wanted one out of the 3. The lady who answered the phone was insistent that I had to call the broker and not CSE. She actually put me on hold to call him, even though I told her I had already done so and the instruction that CSE sent out offered me an option to call one or another. She told me I had to call the broker because he wrote the Cover Letter even after I explained to her that it was written by one Richard Rey President of CSE. She would not take that answer or help me out. She even said her "Manager," told her that I had to call the broker. It was ridiculous and pretty much in line what others have said here. These people are clueless about phone service. I decided to put no more energy into communicating with these people and instead I shopped for another provider. I found several that had policies for less than half of what I have been paying to these guys. I even took the time to send the quotes for my new policy to my broker to get his input. I haven't heard back from him either. If these people want to talk to me, they can call me. I am done and moving on.

One of their insured back up into me in a parking lot. Adjuster was hard to get in contact with. She never emailed me back. When she finally called me 4 days after accident she was very unhelpful. She sounded very judgmental and skeptical telling me she doesn't see how the damage happened to my vehicle. Received a check but no update from her at all. Glad they're are not my insurance.

It should be ZERO! Waiting on the phone is always a joke. The fastest wait time was 50 minutes, the longest over 1 hours and 10 minutes. All I was trying to do was pay my premiums. Both individuals I spoke with said they didn't understand why their system didn't work, but would get back to me that day or the next. I'm still waiting, and the calls were last August. Even though they have a good product and a competitive price, I think I'll have my agent start looking for a company that's responsible.

We switched my home, auto insurances jumping from AutoClub, StateFarm, Farmers, MetroMiles all of them are very very expensive, my husband is a retired public employee, I found Western Gold Insurance Agency in Agora Hills,CA. The Agent, Heather Ayres who took care of my application and recommended CSE Safeguard Insurance Group in Walnut Creek, CA. Combined Home & 3 cars Auto Insurance I saved around $1,000 annual premium with better coverage than those 3 giant insurance company. Although I have not claimed any accident and damages for last 10 years; I believe this small insurance group had many good online reviews. Thank you Heather Ayres of Western Gold Insurance Agency for excellent speedy services.

If I could give a zero star rating I would. My wife and I have been customers for 28 years and until now my rating would much higher. Recently my car was hit by another driver; after reporting the accident to CSE, the only communication I've had with them has been initiated by me. Even after promises to call me back no return calls were forthcoming. After 12 days I was informed that they had an estimate for the damages and was asked where I wanted my car to be repaired. I told the adjuster which body shop I preferred and was told that he would take care of it from there and would set up the towing and repair. 2 days later, my disabled car still in my carport, I called again to see what was happening, left another voicemail and waited in vain for a return call. Finally I called a supervisor and was curtly informed that they "totaled" my car. This took 2 weeks for an accident that wasn't my fault. For shame!

I'm a local broker and I love working with CSE. I wanted to respond to a below 1 star rating by a client who expressed dissatisfaction with CSE. CSE is a top tier carrier, and insures regionally in California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, & Washington. They aren't as big and bloated as your national carriers and because of this they need to have tight underwriting and be selective with their clients. The review by Olivia suggests they "overinsured" for her contents, but I would like to mention that "contents" or "personal property" covers a lot more than furnishings. This includes appliances (which can be expensive) your fridge, washer/drier, HVAC unit, TV's, tools, equipment and of course clothing, jewelry and everything else a household accumulates to eat, sleep, and live comfortably. The coverage is set by a flat equation, and that is true that you can't change it. However, most carriers will insured for 50% to 70% of Personal Property based on the Coverage A amount/Building Coverage. CSE also requires every new policy to have an inspection, something I applaud as an insurance agent. Most of these inspections are just drive-bys and are never even noticed by the insured. We are only human, and if we make mistakes on an application, an inspection will correct the application so that the coverage is everything it needs to be for the insured. If Olivia was forced to have $300,000 in contents coverage, then she would have needed at least $600,000 on dwelling coverage. When the home is over half a million in coverage, it is even more important to do the inspection and to expand it to include the interior, since high value homes often have custom build-ups or specialty rooms, fixtures, flooring, etc.... The inspector will put some responsibility on the home owner will set up a time to do the inspection. They are only hired by the insurance company and provide recommendations, they cannot make actual changes to coverage, that is up to underwriting to look at the inspection report and make any changes necessary to the policy based on that report. Also Personal property coverage is just a few dollars, most of the premium of your policy is being billed based on reconstruction cost of the actual dwelling- the walls, roof, foundation, and so forth. Even if CSE had reduced her Personal Property, it would have probably saved her under $20 a year. Just guessing, based on experience. Now, this is not any kind of comment against Olivia as a person. I just wanted to address common misconceptions about how Home policies work. Olivia thinks CSE is a rotten carrier for requiring an inspection and giving her more than adequate coverage. But that is what great carriers like CSE do. They don't experience extreme rate increases because they look at every risk with their eyes wide open, knowing exactly what they are getting into and providing enough coverage to really benefit a person in the case of a claim. No one has ever screamed at me on the phone about having too much coverage in the case of a claim, but people get really upset when they realize their policy is about to run out of money in a claim situation, or the coverage isn't there and it could have been if the agent had just gone over all the options. I know insurance is either boring or frustrating to most people, but insurance companies and your interests are aligned. Most Property/Casualty insurance companies work off a 1% - 7% profit margin on home policies, and on auto policies they often have 0 profit or are actively losing money. That means for every dollar they take in of yours, after they pay all their overhead, and pay their claims, they make just a few cents off of you. Their real profits come from investments, not your premiums. That's why it makes sense to shop every 2 to 3 years, because its such a competitive market and very few consumers are actually loyal to an insurance company. They will go wherever they can save money, and that's why although it feels like your home and auto rates are always going up, often times you save money by switching to another carrier because they want the new business and are willing to undercut their competitors. Olivia, I wish an agent had talked you through why certain coverage's are needed, the true monetary cost of said coverage, and had been there for you to facilitate that refund. (sounds like a computer issue to me, and I won't lie that most insurance companies sure could use an upgrade in their technology) But we still live in a day and age where talking to a real person makes this whole experience better. My experiences with CSE as an insurance broker has been nothing but positive, and I hope this review helps others as they shop for Home and Auto insurance.

Eric Nagle has been working with one of our clients through a claim, he's been very prompt and helpful when either our agency or our client has needed him. CSE is highly recommended, you'll be treated well. Thanks Eric!

A couple of months ago my agent sold me homeowner's insurance with CSE Insurance Group. I've never heard of them but he did so I accepted it. From the beginning I noticed that there was something weird with this company. They forced me into a $300K coverage for items inside of the house with no way to reduce this amount. The furnishings in the house are barely worth 30K and I don't have anything else of high value. Few weeks later after I purchased the policy and paid for the full year, I received a call from somebody to setup an appointment with an insurance rep for an inspection of the house. In my entire life I have not had an appointment and inspection of the house for a homeowner's insurance. I thought this was strange as I was not doing an appraisal of the house. Since this is my second home/retirement home I would have to make an effort to travel and reserve time for this so I said I would agree to this if the coverage for the inside of my house would be reduced to what it really is. No answer to my request. One month later I received a letter that they are cancelling my insurance after two months due to failure to meet with an agent for the inspection of the house. I was really happy about it since I did not trust this company at all. Another month has passed and I never received the refund it was promised. I called today and asked for my refund so I can purchase another policy and I am told that I will have to wait until their system will generate the refund. In another words I am at their discretion and their system before I can get my money back so I can purchase another policy. This is extremely unprofessional and when it comes to insurance Trust is everything. I think this is a joke insurance and I would not trust them one minute for my insurance needs.

Nobody wants to have an accident but if you do, I hope you have Eric Nagle working with you. I have been a client of CSE for over 25 years and this claim has been quick, easy and painless with him handling my claim. I would give him 10 stars if I could. Thanks so much Eric!

Be aware if you have your home insurance with CSE and also have equipment (appliances, etc.) breakdown and service line (water and sewer pipes, etc.) breakdown coverage which comes at an additional premium. Equipment breakdown and service line breakdown policies only cover mechanical and electrical repairs and not replacement. CSE will only try to repair the broken equipment. If it can not be easily repaired, they will tell you it had reached end of life and is not covered. I found out the hard way. My water heater broke down and they basically told me that it broke down because of normal wear and tear and that's not covered. Now I am concerned that if some thing goes wrong with one of my service lines they will say that it was too old and that's why it broke down and service lines are not cheap to fix. At next renewal I will certainly not renew my policy and look else where.

I have been using CSE for my home and car insurance for years! When I had a claim on my home insurance they were there for me every step of the way and handled it with ease. I have recommended CSE to all my family and friends and they also are very happy as well.

Eric Nagle is one of the best insurance agent I have ever met. Very patient and productive. Five stars.

When my mom Bumped her car against the pillar in the parking lot and damaged her car doors and left side mirror, Eric Nagle helped my mother claim insurance in a timely manner and she got her check for car rental and damage repair within a week. Very nice service!

Ok, after a bumpy start the insurance company redeemed itself and now they are being efficient and reliable after a claim. Too bad one unreliable employee at the start of my interactions stopped me from giving them 5 stars. After filing a claim and being ignored for a while, they are now giving me excellent customer service.

CSE is a place where if you don't care about home life, appreciate being punished for every little error, and love working in a low-morale office, this is the perfect place for you. Management doesn't want you to handle claims and make your own decisions; they want you to be the front line for management's decisions on your claims files so when people question the decisions, you'll take the heat.

There is a level of hypocrisy with the management team that is incomparable. Direct managers of adjusters are way behind in their own diaries but expect adjusters to stay on top of theirs. They insincerely preach a work-life balance but expect you to work much more than the 8 hours per day. They preach "best in class" customer service and dump huge workloads onto adjusters saying everyone's workload is less than industry standards, setting up the adjusters to fail in reaching their lofty expectations.

Management really doesn't care about the employees. They continually set employees up to fail and have absolutely no contingency plan for absences, especially prolonged ones. They are constantly short-staffed and do not plan ahead. They care even less for long-time employees and would rather just cut them for newer, lesser-paid employees. If all this is appealing to you, then good luck to you.


Great people making up the claims staff (non-managers)


Management from direct supervisors all the way to the top

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