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I agree fully with the above comments. Take a deep breath and relax! and that by the Mfile that you attached you already know enough MATLAB code. I will give you my solution but be sure that you have to understand the problem and how someone can formulate it into a program. This is the final scope of this assignment.

function [sinx,error] = sinx_approx(x,n) % Approximates the value of sin(x), the approximation is more accurate as % the number of terms selected is increased. % % INPUTS % x range of integration % n Up to how many terms would you like to evaluate? % OUTPUTS % sinx approximation of sin(x) % error tollerance error sinx=0; error = 1; mytol = 0.001; while error > mytol temp=sinx; for i=1:n sinx=(-1)^(i+1) * x.^(2*i-1)/ factorial(2*i-1)+ sinx; error=abs(sinx-temp); end end

And for the cosine

function [cosx,error] = cosx_approx(x,n) % Approximates the value of cos(x), the approximation is more accurate as % the number of terms selected is increased. % % INPUTS % x range of integration % n Up to how many terms would you like to evaluate? % OUTPUTS % cosx approximation of sin(x) % error tollerance error cosx=1; error = 1; mytol = 0.001; while error > mytol temp=cosx; for i=1:n cosx=(-1)^(i) * x.^(2*i)/ factorial(2*i)+ cosx; error=abs(cosx-temp); end end

Then is the main function which calls the above and plot the result

%--Assignment5.m % % Description: This program estimates the values for sin(x) and cos(x) for % x, in the range of [0,4pi]. This program also displays the approximate % and exact values of sin(x) and cos(x) in a graph. clear; clc; % Generating 20 values of x between 0 and 4pi. x = linspace(0,4*pi,20); % Approximate sinx and cosx sinx = sinx_approx(x,20); cosx = cosx_approx(x,20); % plot subplot(1,2,1) h1 = plot(x,sinx);axis tight;grid on set(h1,'Marker','.','Color','red','MarkerSize',15) hold on plot(x,sin(x),'b--'); title('Sine') legend({'Approximated','Exact'}) subplot(1,2,2) h2=plot(x,cosx);axis tight;grid on set(h2,'Marker','.','Color','red','MarkerSize',15) hold on plot(x,cos(x),'b--'); title('Cosine') legend({'Approximated','Exact'})

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