Rainy Season Clothes Essays

Be prepared to get splashed – left, right, and center.

The only wish most of us have is for the cruel summer to end, so that we could have a good night’s sleep without waking up with a sweaty t-shirt and pillow. When the monsoons first arrive, everyone goes crazy thanking the Rain Gods for their mercy. But once the rains really set in, it just isn’t fun anymore.

The annoying pitter-patter sound and the constant gloominess are just few of the many reasons. The rest are listed below.

1. You start finding reasons not to leave the house

..coz there’s no point taking the risk of stepping onto cow-dung mistaking it to be mud.


2. Everything around you is cold, wet, muddy & dirty

And the humidity makes everything sticky and weird.


3. All the white clothes are put at the back of the closet,  all your other clothes will take forever to dry

And rain-friendly clothes are minimal.


4. The hair gets frizzy and unmanageable

Every little strand starts pointing out from different directions.


5. People with bikes have the hardest time

Putting your feet up and folding your legs together so that the puddles don’t splash water on you is a pain in the ass.


6. Time to get the raincoats out again

And time to look like complete idiots wearing those caps on the bike.


7. And when the rain gets out of hand, struggle to find shelter under the nearest tree or shop

Making you more late and more shabby for work.


8. Not to mention the crazy traffic jams on the way



9. The only people having a worse time than bikers are the pedestrians

Umbrellas don’t always help.


10. They’re constantly annoyed with muck all over them



11. And their feet always get dirty, no matter how far they are from the puddles

Anyone wearing Sandals and chappals would understand.


12. Their worst enemy – CARS

The devils that drive through puddles and splash water all over them.


13. When you get home, the floors of the house are drenched with mud and water


14. And soon, you’re caught up with cough, cold, and sneezes


15. To add to your misery, the cable connection starts to go crazy, making you even more angry about the weather


16. And the only thing that keeps you sane is all the yummy samosas and pakoras you can eat..


..and that in a few weeks, the annoying monsoons will be over.

Thanks, Rain God.

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What should we eat and wear during summer, monsoon and winter seasons

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This article explains what should we eat and wear during summer, rainy and winter season. After all, as the climate changes, our body requirements for food and appropriate clothing accordingly changes.


The climate of India does not remain constant throughout the year. We have a hot climate, a cold climate and rainfall. Summer, monsoon and winter are the three seasons of India. As the season changes, our body's metabolic processes also accordingly changes. Hence, it is necessary to know that what should we eat and wear during these seasons.


February, March, April and May are the four months when the air in the atmosphere is warm. So this season is called summer season. During these months, solar rays are parallel in India and hence our country faces this warm season.
  • We should drink a lot of water during summer. Water removes toxic liquid from our body. In this season, we should drink mango sherbet, sugarcane juice and lime juice. We should drink buttermilk, before going out from home during the daytime. Some fruits like mango, jackfruit, watermelon and muskmelon seasonal fruits and mostly available in summer season. We should not lose this opportunity of eating these fruits.

  • We should wear thin and loose cotton clothes during this season. During the day, when we go out from home, we should wear a white colour cap over our head. Because white colour reflects sunlight. We should not wear dark colour caps, as dark colour absorbs more sunlight and hence warm our head which is hazardous to health.


June, July, August and September are the four months when it rains. So this season is called the rainy season. During these months, there are winds blowing from the southern hemisphere to India. These winds are called as "South-west monsoon winds". Hence, rainy season is also called as "Monsoon season".
  • Special care should be taken in this season because micro-organisms remain active throughout the season due to high humidity. We should eat light and moderate food. Light and astringent food like fibrous vegetables, snake gourd, smooth gourd, bitter gourd, etc. should be eaten during this season as such foods are easy to digest. Fresh and warm food should be eaten.

  • We should not wear moist clothes because they can contain nuisance micro-organisms. So, we should wear dry clothes. To protect ourselves from the rain we use umbrellas, raincoats, gumboots, etc.


Air in the atmosphere during October, November, December and January months is cold. So this season is called winter season. The air in winter is cold and dry. Sometimes when there is a cold wave then it is very cold. This season is not ideal for micro-organisms and hence they cannot propagate in the season. During the season, people generally face problems of cold and Hypothermia. Many people die due to Hypothermia.
  • During the season, the body needs food that will give a lot of warmth and energy. So we eat sweets, dried foods, groundnuts, sesame which provides a lot of oil. These days we also eat a lot of carrot halwa, bhakri made up of bajri i.e. "Bajre ki roti", brinjals, gum laddus, dates, almonds, sesame and gur (jaggery).

  • To bring warmth to our body we should wear warm woollen clothes like sweaters, shawls, blankets, caps, mufflers. All these clothes protect the body from cold and Hypothermia.

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