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spc11 wrote:

Hello everyone

I am now gearing up for the application due on 15th Oct.

I am considering consultants but I want to understand whether its a good idea to be self sufficient in essay writing or take the external help. What ate risks in both the cases.

I can see that I may not come up with the best draft, but I can surely take help from friends with good hold on story building. At the same time they do not have exp of writing for these institutes.

I fear if I take a consultant's help, the resume and essay may sound too perfect to be true.

Does that affect the interview call??

Please guide me.

Thanks a ton!

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Both the approaches are legitimate.

A consultant can be your bouncing board for essay story ideas- having seen so many applications, consultants know what are done to death stories and which of your personality characteristics can help you stand out. Same goes for putting logic and structure to your career goals.

When you are writing your essays, its good to get expert opinion, because most applicants are not able to view a situation with the depth that a consultant can prod them to view it, and come up with impressive insights.

In my experience of 7+ years, this is where we have helped our applicants the most.

And your application is meant to be perfect- whether you write it yourself or take a consultant's help - that's the standard expected by any top business school, so no brownie points for imperfections in the application.

Eventually, the best way to know is by talking to consultants and understanding what value will they add. Feel free to contact us.

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PGP Essay 1 Analysis

You are required to respond to the following Essay questions, two mandatory and one optional. If you are a re-applicant, even the third essay would be mandatory.

If we were to admit just one more candidate to the Postgraduate Programme (PGP) at the ISB, why should it be you? (500 words)

So the ‘Why You’ essay prompt continues for the third consecutive year, albeit with a 25% increase in the word limit (more on this later).

Taking the question literally may mislead you, since it is not going to be easy to prove that you are the ‘One’ – but ISB has over 800 seats and you can always prove that you are a worthy candidate. You would therefore want to focus on your strengths, qualities, skills and traits that you think are different from the larger pool of candidates, though you may not be the only one demonstrating them.

While talking about yourself, do not just go on claiming things, but back your claim with relevant examples. Since you are applying to a business school, focus more on your professional strengths than just personal qualities. What makes you unique can very well be your niche industry exposure, the initiatives you have taken at work, the exceptional growth you have achieved vis-à-vis your peers and so on. We would also advise presenting one (preferably only one) personal trait, backed by relevant examples.

As you list the qualities – personal and professional, what remains important is to question yourself if these are relevant to ISB. It’s a good idea to connect these traits to how they enable you to contribute to the class at ISB. Indulge in specific research to identify events, activities, clubs and other platforms at ISB that you would like to use in the context of your skills/qualities. Recall where you contributed in a similar manner in the past.

Overall, it’s not an easy question to answer, but if drafted well, can very well seal the deal for you.

Now on the increased word limit – let’s say it’s just a replacement to the optional and the reapplicant essays. Since the very idea of this essay prompt is to establish why ISB should consider you, feel free to add any additional points you have on mind, to present your strengths. If you are a reapplicant, you may very well add a paragraph on the additional effort you have put in and the changes in your profile you have brought about, which are further reasons why ISB should be interested in you. 

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