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The Dissertation is the main project for the MSc and MArch degrees in Sustainable Environmental Design. It is a vehicle for undertaking a significant piece of research. Selection of dissertation topics takes place during Term 2. The projects are then developed over Terms 3 & 4 supported by individual tutorials, class presentations and regular seminars. MSc dissertations have a broader agenda and proceed by exploring the applicability of their chosen research topics over a range of possible design contexts. MArch dissertation research is aimed at the formulation of a building programme which is then developed into a specific design application. Key objectives of all SED projects are to improve environmental conditions in cities, achieve independence from non-renewable energy sources and develop an environmentally-sustainable architecture.

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Since the United Nations Conference, which was held under the title of “Earth Summit” in 1992, striving for achieving sustainable development must also include a complete realization for fulfilment buildings and towns which is characterized by sustainability principle, after the conference lots of serious global trends began to appear and tried to accomplish with the environment and these trends called contemporary trends of environmental design, one of the most important trends is “green architecture” which focuses on the relationship between buildings and natural, this trend appeared as a reaction for facing the environmental problems and health risks which occurred because of the buildings which have no environmental dimension in their designs or the importance of keeping the energy and the natural resources.

Most of buildings nowadays disregards weather and its effect, also the cooling purpose increases the energy consumption, on the other hand the problems of the rapid depletion of energy appears, because of the continuous need for energy to design and coexistence inside the buildings but all the time this energy is being wasted because of users or wrong design of building which make it exhauster for energy during the time, when we can figure out that it is possible with little effort and time to study how to improve the efficiency of energy used in building or decrease the waste of energy in return for energy saving and consumption regulation, here comes the importance role architectural designer to solve this problems, and there are lots of desirable trends provides using the new and rentable energy (like sun energy and wind energy) which cope up with the basics and principles of green architecture which is environment-friendly, and all of that just to provide the current needs of energy and try to save it or finding an future alternative. And as a extraction for the basics and principles of green architecture lots of real goals were resulted for this trend like achieving good thermal environmental for users and also good ventilation and natural lighting and that can be done by using many application and environmental processors to help rationalize consumption the energy and means of modern mechanical treatments to produce energy in clean and renewable way, also to be environment-friendly and that is the mean goal of that research which aims to create a building tandem with environment and comfortable for its users to help them doing their daily activities in a convenient way.

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