Achieving Your Goals Essay

How to achieve your goals in life

How can you achieve your goals in life?
Why do some people always achieve their goals?
And why do some people never manage to reach what they want?

Over the past years I made a comparison between the group of people who always reach their goals and the group that always fails and i found some major differences between them that you should know about if you are serious about achieving your goals in life.

How can you achieve your goals in life

Here are the differences between the two groups:

  • People who achieve their goals know what they want: Ask any successful person about his success and he will tell you that he planned for it long ago. Before i became a self made millionaire i had that goal written in a plan on my computer 5 years earlier. You will never achieve your life goals before you have them clearly written. There is a big difference between just wanting something and having a clearly written plan to get it.
  • People who achieve their goals don't know what helplessness means: If you can't get past a mountain then climb it,if you still can't get past it then walk around it and if you still can't then dig a tunnel. People who reach their life goals never stop when they face an obstacle but they just think of another way to accomplish their goals. The other group on the other hand stays helpless and start forming limiting beliefs
  • People who achieve their goals get rid of their limiting beliefs: Because it feels bad to admit failure it becomes much easier for a person to invent a limiting belief then believe in it such as "i am not lucky". As soon as you create a limiting belief you will ruin your chance to achieve your life goals
  • They don't play the blame game: People who achieve their life goals take full responsibility of everything that happens in their lives while the other group blames external factors such as the economy, misfortune or anything else they find on their way. If you are serious about achieving your life goals then you must learn how to take the responsibility of everything that is going in your life
  • People who achieve their life goals never give up: People who achieve their life goals never give up after few failures but they keep adjusting themselves, fixing their mistakes and learning new skills all the time while trying again. The other group just gives up whenever things go wrong and they never try again

Do you want to achieve your life goals?

Its now clear that the only difference between those who achieve their life goals and those who don't is their way of thinking and not anything else.

If you are serious about achieving your life goals then you must acquire the mindset of the first group. It might be hard to change your old way of thinking but in the end you will find that it was worth the effort.

I have managed to become a self made millionaire at the age of 28. This didn't happen by chance because i already wrote that goal down five years before i accomplished it. Becoming rich is not about luck, starting big or being intelligent but its all about having certain beliefs about money and life.

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I believe in setting and achieving goals. Goals guide you to future success in the same way that a GPS guides you to a destination. Setting a goal is like planning a road trip: you determine the stops and decide when you must ask for directions. Goals give you motivation in times of distress, providing you with comforting thoughts of a much brighter future weeks, months, and even years down the line.

In my case, goals gave me the courage to move on through my daily life despite constant negativity. My life experienced constant twists and turns ever since the third grade. That was the year that changed my life. In that fateful year, my Dad lost his job, we lost a car, and then we even lost our house. For years and years to come, I watched my parents frequently struggle to pay the rent, the bills, and sometimes even for food. Thank goodness for food pantries and food stamps. We moved again and again, often because we could not afford to pay the rent at the previous house we lived at. I often heard my parents worry about coming up with the next months rent and paying off the already over-do electric bill. I constantly heard about and saw my family’s problems on a daily basis. In order to cope, I looked towards the future. I thought of the happier future that I could have and set my mind on achieving it. I set a goal to avoid living day-to-day like my parents did and still do. I set a goals to achieve financial stability and to never let a lack of money cause me the woes that it caused my family. Thinking about a better future made it much easier to get through the negativity of my childhood.

However, setting goals was simply not enough. I believe in not only setting goals, but achieving them as well. Goals do not achieve themselves. You must constantly put in the work and the effort necessary to achieve your goals. In order to achieve my goals, I worked hard in school to get good grades and still do. I decided to get a college degree in Accountancy in order to attain financial stability. There are so many different positions in every part of the economy for an Accountant that it would be extremely unlikely to have trouble finding work, despite the state of the economy. Accountants are paid well enough to ensure having more than enough to pay for all of my expenses and then some. I even plan to get my Masters degree and to pass the CPA examination, further ensuring my financial stability. My goals and my desire to achieve those goals keep me going strong when times get rough.

I believe that success is achieved by setting and pursuing goals. Even if you fall short or fail you can proudly exclaim that you succeeded in trying.

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