Leadership Is Action Not Position Essay Paper

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This great quote comes from Donald H. McGannon, who ran the Westinghouse Broadcasting Corporation and served as President of the National Urban League.

No one can declare you the “leader”; you have to earn it. No position will make you a leader; you have to have followers.

People follow people, not positions. They respect people whom they trust. They tag along with people in whom they believe. They follow people who have demonstrated they deserve to be followed.

That requires action, which doesn’t require any certain “position”. You have to take action that inspires people to follow you. Nobody follows anybody who doesn’t do anything; people follow people who do something of significance.

You can’t just talk about it; you have to do it. When people see you accomplishing something worthwhile, they will follow.

Yes, leadership is action, not position. Anyone can be a leader. You just have to do things that make people want to follow you.

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Leadership is an action not a position. With the proper personality, a leader can accomplish many things like knowledge of the organization. Being able to handle all type of situations shows great leadership traits. According to (Hughes, Ginnett, and Curphy) the adjustment dimension of the Five Factor Model of Personality “is concerned with how people react to stress, failure, or personal criticism” and it is important for leaders to develop their response to this dimension. Leader trait research examined the physical, mental, and social characteristics of individuals. In general, these studies simply looked for significant associations between individual traits and measures of leadership effectiveness. Physical traits such as height, mental traits such as intelligence, and social traits such as personality attributes were all subjects of empirical research. (LEADERSHIP THEORIES AND STUDIES)
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