Printable Word Work Homework

These word work packets are designed for weekly word work homework. Contains options for 5, 10 or 15 words.

Easily create word work packets for your students each week with these printable resources.

You can download the resources described below by clicking on the bold links at the bottom of the page.

The following practice pages are included:

Cover Page Have students write in their words or write in the words before copying.

ABC Order We have included an alphabet line for students who might need assistance.

Sentences I’m a Writing STAR! checklist is included on the back. Teach students to read through their work and check for each guideline.

Word Pyramids  Students create pyramids using their words. The 10 and 15 word files contain a variety of options so that you can provide pages with the necessary number of boxes.

Find the Vowels & Find the Consonants

Code the Letters Students identify both the vowels and consonants in each word.

Find the Value Students practice counting by 5s and 10s.

Across & Down A simple page for practice writing each word.

Fancy Words Encourage Students to add variety to their letter formation and color choices.

Rainbow Words Have students write each word using multiple colors.

Syllable Sort Students write each word in the correct box depending on the number of syllables.

Word Search Students create their own word search using their word list. They can then ask a family member or classmate to find the hidden words.

Cloudy Fun Students write their words along the outline of the cloud. When using with 15 words, students may need to write on the outside and inside of the cloud.

Text a Friend Students create a text conversation that includes their words.

Add It Up! Students write and solve an addition problem using the value on the letter tiles.

Type Your Words Students can practice typing their words using the printable keyboard.

We have included many choices so you can choose the pages that meet the needs of your students. You might also choose to differentiate packets depending on individual needs.  Also, because there are many choices, you will be able to add variety to your weekly packets.

You can download the complete collections below:

5 Word Collection

10 Word Collection

15 Word Collection

You might also be interested in additional, FREE word work activities we have created:

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Product Description

This FREE SAMPLE gives you TWO WEEKS of word work activities (Mon-Thurs) practice. You can use these in so many ways: word work center, homework, morning work, early finishers work, classwork, etc. The full packet gives you 34 weeks worth of word work activities for second grade.

Here's the link to the full product: Word Work - Weekly Activities for the Whole Year - 2nd Grade

Each week, the students will be presented with a new word family or spelling rule:

Mondays - kids will read a passage that I specifically wrote to incorporate that word family or spelling rule. Kids will then circle words that belong in that word family or follow that spelling rule.

Tuesdays - Kids will write rhyming words for a word following that spelling rule or write words using that spelling rule (word family)

Wednesday - Kids will read 8 words and sort them into "real' or "nonsense" words. They will then write them under the correct category.

Thursday - Kids will read each of the "real" words from Wednesday and use/write them in a sentence.

The word families/spelling rules included in the complete packet are:
p. 3-4: -ar words
p. 5-6: -er words
p. 7-8: -ir words
p. 9-10: -or words
P. 11-12: -ur words
p. 13-14: -aw words
p. 15-16: -ou words
p. 17-18: words ending in –ew
p. 19-20: -ol words
p. 21-22: -ai words
p. 23-24: words ending in -ue
p. 25-26: words ending in –ight
p. 27-28: long -ea
p. 29-30: final blend -mp
p. 31-32: final blend -st
p. 33-34: final blend -nd
p. 35-36: final blend -sk
p. 37-38: final blend -lt
p. 39-40: final blend –ft
p. 41-42: initial “wh”
p. 43-44: final digraph -ck
p. 45-46: final digraph -nk
p. 47-48: final digraph -sh
p. 49-50: final digraph -ch
p. 51-52: final digraph -th
p. 53-54: final digraph -gh/ph
p. 55-56: final ending -es
p. 57-58: final ending -ing
p. 59-60: suffix -er
p. 61-62: suffix - ly
p. 63-64: suffix -ful
P. 65-66: suffix -ness
p. 67-68: suffix - able
p. 69-70: suffix –sion/tion

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