Nt1430 Unit 10 Homework

 What is a byte? A group of 8 bits (a "word")  When using a truth table, 1 and 0 equal ____ False  What do parentheses do in mathematical equations? Ensure that whatever operation is inside the parentheses is performed first.  What is a node on a network? Any device connected to a network.  Which of these following topologies has the inherent weakness of a single point of failure? Star  In this sample Web address, which part identifies the protocol being used? HTTP://www.example.com/page2 HTTP  What is basic to every networking standard? Documentation of ideas that all network users must agree to use  Why is the TCP/IP model divided into layers? All of these  Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for encryption and compression? Presentation  What does the following graphic illustrate? A closed electrical circuit  What is a network encoding scheme?

1,2 and 3,6  To identify where wireless devices, such as APs, should be placed in the network you should be do testing called a/an ___________. site survey  What does the Wi-Fi Alliance do? It is a group of vendors who works to make the wireless LAN industry a success.  A company installs an 802.11g AP to give its employees wireless access from their cubicles. Carl's cubicle is 20 feet from the AP, Paul's is 70 feet, and Mark's is 150 feet. What is the most likely to be true about how these users' tablets will work? Everyone should have wireless access, but Mark's tablet is more likely to work at a slower speed than the others.  Which of the following statements is true? Omnidirectional antennas broadcast in all directions.  If an enterprise purchases a WAN link from a service provider and expects that link to be available 24/7/365, it refers to the link as a _____ circuit. dedicated

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