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Capstone Case: New Century Wellness GroupTegan HatchNew Century Wellness GroupP.O. Box 123Brae, California 123451 (800) 246 - 7658Business ProfileOur MissionTen years ago, internal medicine specialists Timothy Jones and Dolores Garcia decided to combine their individual practices to form New Century wellness Group. They wanted to createa clinic that would concentrate on preventative medicine and fitness, as well as traditional medical care. This dream lives on to this day.Our ServicesNew Century Wellness Group can provide a broad range of services. We have expanded to include four primary care physicians, a nurse practitioner, four physical therapists, a registerednutritionist, eight nurses and eight support staff as to provide the best care and service to our patients.Our PatientsOur patient base has expanded to include 8,000 patients from 325 different employers.CompetitorsAs a medical clinic we of course have competitors, but no other clinic oFers the same range ofservices as we do here at the New Century Wellness Group.Future DirectionIn future, we hope to keep expanding our clinic to accommodate more patients and doctors.We also hope to continue to expand our range of services as to be able to help the most people.


3 - Develop a checklist that includes several requirements for system output, input, process,  performance, and control.

System Input

Patient’s personal information (at or before appo

intment time) Capstone Case: New Century Wellness Group Tegan Hatch o Includes Name, address, phone number, employment, insurance

 Patient History includes current medications, medical history, lab results, etc.

System Output

 Information for Billing/Insurance Claims o this would include the patients name, address, and insurance information as well as coded procedures for visits or labs.

 Patient History o Accessed by the doctor at the time of the appointment.

 Supplies o sends a notice when supplies are used based off what is done at each appointment


 Procedure to Codes o makes sure that each procedure is assigned the appropriate billing code

 Medication Cross Checking o Double checks to make sure that medications prescribed by a doctor do not conflict with other medications. Would produce a pop-up that shows the doctor the conflict and allows for over-

ride if the doctor still feels it’s the be

st option.


 The system must be operational during clinic hours

 The system must provide information quickly and cleanly Control Examples

 The system must require a log-in to protect patient confidentiality. This also allows for tracking who makes what changes Questionnaire

4 - Design a questionnaire to learn how New Century patients feel about insurance procedures and appointment scheduling. Your questionnaire should be designed for a sample group of  patients, and should follow the suggestions in this chapter. After you complete the questionnaire, select a sampling method and explain your choice.


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