Njcu Admissions Essays

Follow the steps below to submit your NJCU application.  Please note that steps 2 through 6 can be completed after application due dates and after the application has been filed.

  • Submit your application and your $50 application fee.

  • Official High School Transcript or GED Scores

    You need to forward us your official transcripts.  International student applicants who have graduated high school in foreign countries must have their transcripts evaluated (Document by Document Report) by a foreign credit evaluation agency that is a member of NACES (National Council of Credential Evaluation Services) www.naces.org. 

  • Letters of Recommendation (Optional)

    You may submit 2 letters of recommendation from your high school guidance counselor, teachers, or principal regarding your character and readiness to undertake college-level work.  Adult students may substitute a resume. 

  • Personal Essay

    The Admissions Office requests that you write and submit an essay, 250 words minimum, explaining your aspiration and motivation for attending NJCU.

  • Official Copy of SAT or ACT Scores

    You will need to forward us an official copy of your test scores.  Applicants aged 25 and older are not required to submit test scores, but may do so at their discretion.

  • Resume

    Applicants aged 25 and older will need to submit a  resume in lieu of SAT or ACT scores.

  • Official College Transcripts

    Applicants who attended a college or university will need to submit college transcripts for all institutions previously attended.

  • How and where can I take the SAT?
    Students can take the SAT at high schools throughout New Jersey. Please visit www.collegeboard.com to find dates, locations, and to register for test.

    From which agencies does NJCU accept foreign transcript evaluations?
    NJCU will accept transcript evaluations from any of the companies listed at www.naces.org. Students who have attended foreign colleges or universities need course-by-course evaluations that specify credit equivalencies and GPA.

    What are New Jersey City University's most popular majors?
    Some of NJCU's most popular majors include Criminal Justice, Education, Music and Media Arts as well as Business majors like Business Management and Accounting. We have over 20 other majors as well. For a complete list of majors, please visit the following web address: http://www.njcu.edu/Majors.aspx

    What are the requirements?
    If you wish to discuss your qualifications for admission to NJCU prior to submitting an application, please call the Admission’s Office at (201)200-3234 or (888)441-6528 and ask to speak with an admission counselor.

    Freshmen Applicants
    To qualify as a full or part-time freshman, you must have graduated from high school (or earned a G.E.D. diploma.)

    If you have attended college and earned fewer than 12 college-level credits at a college or university, you will be considered as a freshman. Our admissions policy is competitive and we want to carefully review your high school course work. Some of the most important information is your cumulative GPA, rank in class (where available), your SAT or ACT scores, and your admissions essay that details your motivation for attending NJCU.

    Transfer Applicants
    If you have graduated from high school and have completed at least 12 college level credits at a college or university, you may apply as a transfer student. If you have graduated from an approved New Jersey community college with an A.A. or A.S. degree or four year college with an B.A. or B.S., and have earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale), you will be able to transfer a block of credits, thereby satisfying the University's general studies requirements including the All University Requirements. All degree credits completed toward the associate degree will count toward the requirements for a bachelor's degree at New Jersey City University. Our admissions policy is competitive, and we will want to review your previous college course work and your motivation to attend NJCU.

    Readmit Applicants
    Students who have not enrolled at NJCU for three or more semesters are required to reapply for admission. If you have attended any colleges or Universities since you last attended NJCU, you will need to provide official transcripts from those institutions to the Office of University Admissions at NJCU.

    What is New Jersey City University’s total undergraduate enrollment?
    New Jersey City University's total undergraduate enrollment is about 7,000 students.

    Do I need to take a placement test before I register for classes?
    Most new freshmen are expected to take a placement test before they meet with an academic advisor to plan their class schedules. Incoming freshmen with sufficient SAT scores can be exempt from sections of the placement exam or the entire test. For critical reading or writing exemptions, students must score at least 520 on each of those sections of the SAT. For math, the SAT minimum is 530. Transfer students who have either not taken or not passed English 101 and/or a first year non-remedial math course must take the Placement Test before registering. To find out more about Placement Test, please visit this web page.

    Can I receive blanket credit for an A.A.S. degree?
    No. This type of degree is not considered a transfer degree because A.A.S. degrees do not have a liberal arts general education component. A course-by-course evaluation is done with a maximum of 66 credits accepted in transfer towards the NJCU degree.

    Do foreign credentials transfer to NJCU?
    Yes. Courses taken at foreign schools can be accepted to New Jersey City University provided they have been evaluated by a foreign credential evaluation service like World Education Services or Educational Credential Evaluators. For a complete list of valid transfer credit evaluation services, please go to www.naces.org. Please note that the maximum number of transferrable credits is 96.

    What is “blanket credit” and who is eligible to receive it?
    Blanket credit is awarded to recipients of A.A. and A.S. degrees from colleges in the State of New Jersey. This covers All University Requirement (AUR) courses and general studies requirements. A maximum of 66 credits is accepted in transfer toward the NJCU degree.

    When will the coursework I took at my previous college be evaluated?
    Students automatically receive transfer credit evaluations when they are accepted to NJCU. Students will receive evaluations within approximately two weeks from the date of admission. For further information concerning transfer credits, contact the Transfer Credit Evaluator at the University Advisement Center at (201) 200-3418.

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