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Most job seekers understand the importance of a strong resume, but not nearly as many will dedicate as much time to writing a strong cover letter. This document allows you to get the attention of employers while adding a personal touch to your application. It is also an effective way to demonstrate your qualifications and acquired skill set. Learn the best way to write a cover letter now so you are ready to start writing yours when the time comes. Review this professional executive chef cover letter sample and writing guide in order to get started.

Professional Executive Chef Cover Letter Sample

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Executive Chef Cover Letter Must-Haves

One of the best writing practices for your cover letter is to make a direct and specific reference to the job description. The above professional executive chef cover letter sample demonstrates how this can be used to show employers that you are seriously considering the position and are a perfect fit for it. It should also be clear that your cover letter is not a generic letter that could be sent to any company. Your cover letter should not be too long, but it should always include as much information about your qualifications as possible. You can match the tone of the job description to ensure that the style of your letter is in line with what the employers are expecting.

Best Action Verbs for an Executive Chef Cover Letter

Just like this professional executive chef cover letter sample, you should include many relevant and strong action verbs such as manage, organize, communicate, cook, consider, design, coordinate, cooperate, and delegate.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Mr. Ledwith,

After reviewing your posted executive chef opening, I am confident that I would fit the position perfectly and thrive in this job. I am excited to be considered for the executive chef position and look forward to hearing from you.While I have completed my bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, my working experience is where I developed my advanced cooking and dish preparation and presentation skills. I have been working as a chef for as many as eight years. More recently, I have filled leadership positions in the kitchen. While I have never been an executive chef, I have fulfilled many of the same responsibilities the executive chef does, including management, organization, and delegation.Additionally, I prioritize communication while working in the kitchen. Your job posting indicated that you are seeking a chef with excellent cooperation and collaboration abilities. I attribute much of my success to my ability to work well with other chefs. I also bring an attention to detail, and I am very results-driven. All things considered, I am confident that I would achieve success in this executive chef position. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss the executive chef opening with you as soon as possible. I am very grateful for all your time and consideration. Thank you.

John Doe

Executive Chef Cover Letter

Every time you send a resume you will have to send a covering letter as well, whether you are sending a speculative application or responding to some advert. These days it is considered unprofessional not sending a cover letter along with your resume. Unless the advertisement says that you do not need to send a cover letter. The cover letter is the most important document, because it will introduce you to the prospective employer and this may get you an interview as well.

The covering letter needs to talk a little more than your resume. Before you begin writing your executive chef cover letter you will have to decide what exactly are you trying to achieve. Find out the recruitment person whom you want to target this letter. After all the efforts that you have put in for writing your resume, do not simply write anything in the covering letter. Your cover letter should start with an arresting headline or sentence. In the letter be creative, be yourself, but never lie.

The whole and sole purpose of a cover letter is inviting attention to your resume so that the recruitment manager reads it completely. Make sure that you address every point that has been mentioned by the recruiter for that particular job post. Once you have done that all you need to do is summarize your letter and send out request for an interview. This is the only opportunity, even though you have managed to engage the reader with a good story, you should never end the cover letter without requesting for an interview.

Here is an example executive chef cover letter that can give you an idea of how exactly you need to write a cover letter for yourself.

Sample Executive Chef Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Precious Edwards
163 Mount Haven Street
New Hampshire, NH93847
Mobile: 375-194-3856
E-mail id: e.precious@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Trent Stewart
Queens Plaza
8471 Rockford Street
New Hampshire, NH93784

Date: June 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Stewart,

I am submitting this application for the post of executive chef as listed on your website. I am a well qualified chef and I am attaching my resume for your further consideration.

From the past ten years, I have worked with two famous area restaurants: Polo Lounge and The Plaza. In these restaurants I was the executive chef and was responsible for temporary and ongoing restaurant and kitchen needs. This mainly included implementing and creating daily menus, restocking and ordering new supplies, managing the entire kitchen staff with excellence, ensuring that the best quality of food was served, as well as maintaining a hygienic environment. I am good in delegating tasks, creating excellent culinary masterpieces and working with all the staff members in mentoring role.

For viewing my portfolio, I would like to meet you in person at your time and convenience. You can contact me at 375-194-3856 or e-mail me at e.precious@example.com. Thank you for your consideration and time.

Precious Edwards
Your Signature

This is how you can draft your cover letter. Make sure that you mention all your skills as an executive chef and attach your work profile if the organization asks for it. However, proofread the article before you e-mail it.

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