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Television is a Bad Influence on Today's Youth Essay

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Technology is a great accessory that millions of people use regularly in everyday life. Television could be the most-used technological commodity of all. Hundreds of millions of people now have at least one television in their home. In addition, there continue to be more TVs per home than people in the U.S.- in 2014 the average U.S. home had only 2.5 people vs 2.86 television sets. Although television seems like a great thing to have, it has its drawbacks. Television can negatively effect people, particularly kids. Numerous studies and surveys have proven just how much television can be a bad influence on our youth. Many kids become violent, have severe psychological effects, and become very unhealthy. Once thought as a great…show more content…

It has been noted that “Of 26 pilots the networks announced for fall, none has a minority star” (Poniewozik 70). The only major networks that have minorities in leading roles are the UPN and the WB. Will minorities ever have leading roles in sitcoms? As one author puts it “Space aliens will have more network lead roles than Asians or Native Americans” (Poniewozik 70). Do television executives have a legitimate reason for the lack of minorities? First of all, there is a lack of minorities in executive positions and there is hardly any minority writers, but are those good enough reasons? The executives can make an easy solution by just hiring the minorities in their sitcoms. A leading role is not necessary at first because there has to be a starting point somewhere. Young minority kids will be deeply affected by this situation. When they watch these white shows, they might wonder why nobody that looks like them is in the sitcom. All children must understand that everybody is equal and judged the same. In a sense, the thinking is that the minority will never be given a fair chance against a white person for the same job. In a way, it is sad to see that race is still playing such a major role in our present society after all that this country has gone through. The next generation of kids should not even have to worry about the skin color as a factor in their lives. As if racism were not enough, kids are also influenced by

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Essay on How Television Impacts our Children

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Television has been around for over a half century. The first view of TV in the United States took place at a World's Fair in 1939, but standard television broadcasting did not begin until the late 1940s. Worry about the influence of television on children began when TV was in its early years. Early on in the 1950s, educators and parents began to ask legislators to "do something" about the amount of violence on TV. This concern still exists today. Parents have reservations about the quality of television programs intended for children, the amount of advertising aimed at young viewers, and the manner in which television depicts men, women and ethnic minorities. There are also apprehensions about the effects of the amount of time that…show more content…

Children who watched the violent shows were more likely to strike out at playmates, argue, go against authority and were less willing to wait for things than those children who watched nonviolent programs. Studies have also found that children who watched many hours of television violence when they were in elementary school were inclined to also show a higher level of aggressive behavior when they became teenagers.

On average, five violent acts are committed during 1 hour of "prime time" television programming and 20 to 25 violent acts occur each hour on Saturday morning "children's programs." Before they leave elementary school, children who watch the typical amount of TV will see about 20,000 murders and more than 80,000 other assaults. That's about 100,000 violent acts witnessed by children before they become teenagers. Some of the violence will show on realistic programs and some will show on cartoons. Even though scientists are certain that children can pick up aggressive behavior from television, they are also sure that parents can limit some of these effects.

Another concern among parents is the amount of advertising aimed at young viewers. Children are targeted by billions of dollars worth of sophisticated corporate advertisers as they watch television. Corporations and executives do not deny their aim to capture the youth market. Children directly control $24.4 billion a year in prospective corporate profits. They control another $300 billion.

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